Doktoratskolleg MEIBio - Molecular and Elemental Imaging in Bioscience
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PhD Topics

PhD topics will be:

Increasing Resolution for Optical Imaging and Adding Molecular Information

  • PhD Fellow #1: Optical microscopy on brain sections below the diffraction limit
  • PhD Fellow #2: Increasing the resolution in whole brain imaging
  • PhD Fellow #3: Quantitative mapping of localized cellulase expression and secretion in the functionally stratified fungal colony by combined mass spectrometry and live-cell imaging.
  • PhD Fellow #4: Photoexpansion Microscopy: Combining Pulsed Mid-IR Laser Spectroscopy With Atomic Force Microscopy

Combining Elemental and Molecular Imaging with the Added Benefit of Quantification

  • PhD Fellow #5: Quantification strategies for elemental imaging of biological samples using laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (LA-ICPMS)
  • PhD Fellow #6: Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) analysis of bioorganic samples.
  • PhD Fellow #7: Trace element Distribution in Human Osteoporotic and Non-Osteoporotic Bone using Synchrotron Micro X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging

Molecular Imaging in Combination with PET and Optic Information

  • PhD Fellow #8: Mass Spectrometry Imaging and Fluorescence Imaging of Polymer Surfaces after Contact with Biological Fluids
  • PhD Fellow #9: Pretargeted multimodal imaging of cancer - a combined PET and MALDI-based MSI approach

Data Combination

  • PhD Fellow #10: Single Image Registration using Automatic Feature Classification

Collaborations within the Doctoral Program