Train the next generation of researchers to generate knowledge and sustain innovation along topics of imaging technologies

Multidisciplinary PhD

Knowledge Beyond Average

  • for different sample types
  • for state-of-the-art technologies
  • for imaging techniques
  • with the exceptional possibility to perform cutting-edge research in the field of imaging
  • with the possibility to develop new instrumentation for imaging 
  • to pave the way for multimodal imaging beyond the combination of two modalities

Education for High Quality Positions

  • in classical fields like Chemistry, Physics, Informatics, Electrical Engineering and Biology
  • with additional competence for Life Sciences, Health, Medicine and Imaging Technologies

International and national research networks will be established

high competence for team work

interaction skills and communication in this multidisciplinary field will be trained

organisational and management skills will be strengthened

and skills to train and educate people will be acquired